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Welcome to my Blog for Changing Seasons Shoppe. I am truly excited for this next chapter of the boutique. 

For those who are unfamiliar with us and our story, let me share a quick recap of who we are, our mission and what this boutique means to me.  I am Melissa one of the owners- Tara is my co-owner. I have always wanted to own a boutique bringing locally handmade items, affordable clothing & accessories, home decor and gourmet foods being your one stop shop. I wanted your mom on a budget to be able to com ein and get a head to toe outfit for less then $60. Back in 2015, Tara was on medical leave from her job and I just had my 5th child and I was a stay at home mom. I knew I needed to do something other then changing diapers and cleaning nonstop. Tara came over for a visit and I pitched opening a boutique together. Her exact words "Lady You are Crazy!!" I kept talking and talking(for those of you who know me... I don't shut up). I think I finally sold her because the next day, the day of the major snowstorm in Nashville... You know the weeks that coincided with Christmas Break.. Making it seem like the kids were home for months, she came over and we spent that day thinking of our name, filling out tax papers, opening up accounts and the rest of that chapter was over.

We had no idea what we were doing at first.. Before I knew it, we were doing many vendor events. Having in house shopping parties and renting space in a few of the boutiques from Columbia to Franklin. I knew I wanted a storefront so that was our next goal. February of 2018 we got our storefront. See news coverage here: Nervous, anxious, excited, stressed and proud were just a few of the emotions. I was the 5th boutique to join Spring Hill, so trying to keep up with the other boutiques was nerve racking. Could we do it? Will we fail? 


We brought something to Spring Hill that made us different. I became friends with the other boutique owners, because I feel and still feel we are a community and need to support each other and the community. There was nothing more rewarding then doing events with these other owners and us all working together. 

We did so well, we renewed our lease and covid struck, my husband had been promoted sending him to the west coast for his job. Here I was, what felt like a single mom to 5 kids, running a boutique, during covid and having the kids home. I felt like I was drowning and in 50 directions. On top of that I had to reinvent ways of selling. Stores were closed but we still needed to have an income. Doing 10-20 deliveries a day to video chatting with customers to still give them the shopping experience they needed and wanted. I enjoyed every minute of it, but at the end of the day I was a mom. We decided to close storefront doors on April 30. Let me tell you what a bittersweet and emotional time it was for me. When many were in fear of covid and keeping distance, I think half the town showed up to shop and show their support. My wonderful vendors helped me sell, bag and clean up our last few days.

That wasnt the end of us. We then moved into my house and set up shoppe. Offering in house shopping, deliveries and shipping was our new norm. In June my family decided we needed to be all together. My kids needed their dad and I needed my husband. We relocated to Las Vegas July 3 and slowly transitioned everything to be remote with me. I mean why cant I still do what I love doing even if I am in a different state? We are still bringing the latest fashion, delicious foods to entertain and gift baskets all at a reasonable price. So, here we are in the next chapter- A WEBSITE!

I am so excited for this website. I finally have time to devote to a website. I can still have the friendship and one on one shopping experiences with my customers. We are bringing lots of new goodies and we will still have some of our locally made goodies from our vendors. In addition, we will have a weekly blog, recipe sharing AND.... A Loyal Customer Rewards Program.

 I hope you will all continue to shop with me, and remember I am still always reachable via fb messenger, text or email. I want to thank you all for the continued love and support you have all given me. I love that I get to be a mom(and lately a teacher), but I get to do what I love to do!

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