Shopping On A Budget

How many of us moms want to look trendy, fashionable and cute while being on a budget? That is me completely! Having 5 kids, I definitely have me put myself on the backburner. Before kids, I was the one shopping at Express, New York  & Company, Gap and The Limited(yes I think I just aged myself.) Owning a boutique I am not able to bring great quality items to you at a budget moms price! 

I always have customers asking me how to accessorize an outfit or maybe dress it up. I am always teaching my customers and friends how to get some basic pieces that you can dress up, go casual and wear many different ways with just a few staple must have pieces! In this post, we are going to talk about many ways to put some of our basic pieces together which can take you from fall and winter to spring and summer!

Ok, so lets start with these knit maxi dresses. You can do this with any style of dress- short, midi or maxi. First, lets talk about length. If you are short like me, you can knot up the sides so you dont trip. Lord knows I have done that a million times! You can wear flip flops for a casual look, wedges for a casual or dressy look or heels/boots if you are going out or to work. Looking at these dresses you may be thinking, Melissa- these are boring or simple! For some maybe they are. For those who like bling or to accent with jewelry add a long necklace, a scarf in the winter or stacked bracelets. These are some basic must haves! 



Now want a different look? Add a cardigan, denim jacket, sweater or vest for another look! A denim jacket is my best friend! I them with everything! Makes sense why I have them in white, black, light and dark denim and I am always on the lookout for other colors! So don't be surprised when you see them on the website. Do you see how low chunky heels, a denim jacket and jewlery give it a different look. I can wear the denim jacket in the cooler months and plain in the summer months.


One thing I do in the winter because I am ALWAYS cold is I wear leggings under the short dresses paired with a scarf and booties. Come spring and summer that dress is paired with flip flops or wedges. Do you see how one outfit can be worn many ways saving you money and saving time on picking out what to wear.

Lets talk cardigans... They are awesome with a top and denim bottoms, paired with leggings or worn over any dress! You can even tie up the front to have a knotted look accenting out waistline. Cardigans are timeless pieces! We have many different styles, colors and lengths on our website so you can never get bored. 

  Here is one last basic piece I want to share. These pieces are great with denim bottoms paired with booties, flip flops. wedges or sandals but also go great with leggings and a cardigan or denim jacket. I can tell you I wear my popcorn sweaters, cardigans and denim jackets everyday! Whether its with leggings, jeans, dresses or shorts!

Here is one last run down-

*  To change a look of a dress pair with a cardigan, sweater or denim jacket

*  Add a scarf or necklace for a day to night look

*  Change up your shoes for a casual to dressy look

* Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Scarves scream fall and winter and arm bling screams spring and summer! Have any fashion questions? Email me at

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